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Only for direct bookings from the website, a complimentary bottle of wine in the room and a guided tour of the cellar, minimun two nights stay.

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The refined gastronomic narration of the territory

The traditional territorial elements blend wisely in Chef Alessandro Battaglia’s dishes. Thanks to his considerable experience in prestigious Sicilian places and luxury, internationally renowned restaurants, the young chef is able to narrate with extreme care and in a gourmet key, the flavours and aromas of the most authentic Sicily.

The excellence of local products inspires the preparation of some of the most popular dishes such asMaialino al passito con carote e manna (Pork stewed in raisin wine with carrots and manna), or the Baccalà in crosta di panelle mantecato al finocchietto e spuma di ragusano (Cod in chickpea crust creamed with fennel and Ragusano cheese foam). Following the spirit of the Relais that aims at the exaltation of a fascinating past and the achievement of total harmony with nature, each dish is presented as a masterpiece. A continuous revelation where through the seasonality of the products from our lands, the taste of simplicity marries the harmony of flavours.
To fully grasp and appreciate the essence of our cuisine, in addition to the à la carte menu, we propose the tasting experience accompanied by the natural wines of Abbazia Santa Anastasia.
It will be an all-encompassing food and wine experience.

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Holidays and special days, Sunday lunch in the Abbey, weekend on the Madonie mountains and many more exclusive offers and packages that Abbazia Santa Anastasia reserves to who books directly from the website. To live a unique experience in our Charming Wine Resort in Castelbuono.


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