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Castello dei Ventimiglia (Castle of the Ventimiglia family)

history, religion, culture and nature on the Madonie mountains

Among ash and chestnut woods and buildings that bear witness to a fascinating past, stands the village of Castelbuono, on the slopes of Colle Milocca, reachable in less than twenty minutes by car from the Abbazia Santa Anastasia.

In the medieval period the village came under the jurisdiction of the Benedictine monastery of Lipari and around 1316 Count Francesco di Ventimiglia on the hill of S. Pietro, in the then village Ypsigro, built that splendid castle that gave prestige to the small urban centre. From Piazza Margherita, walking along the Via Sant’Anna and crossing the arch of the same name, between the view of the sinuous and austere mountains, you can reach the foot of the Ventimiglia Castle with its Arab-Norman profile. Inside it is possible to visit the civic museum, home to a permanent art gallery, and the Baroque Palatine Chapel, where the skull of St. Anna, patron saint of the city, is preserved.
For lovers of natural sciences visiting Castelbuono, a visit to the naturalistic museum Minà Palumbo is a must.

The Manna

Slow Food praesidium and main ingredient of exquisite traditional sweets

Over the centuries the village was inhabited by rich families. These contributed to the cultural and economic development of the country, by exporting the manna to the nearby city of Palermo. Manna is a natural resin, a sugary substance that is extracted from the ash tree, and is the most precious asset that nature has offered to Castelbuono.

All the processing notions have been transmitted from generation to generation. Known for its emollient properties, manna today is a product of excellence used in the food and wine sectors. Slow Food Presidium manna is the main ingredient for the preparation of exquisite desserts, biscuits and panettone that delight the palate and envelop the spirit. Castelbuono is also a pole of attraction for music lovers, especially of the indie rock genre and thanks to the fame gained over the years by the Ypsigrock boutique festival.

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