Staying in Abbazia Santa Anastasia in style
and exclusive benefits!

Only for direct bookings from the website, a complimentary bottle of wine in the room and a guided tour of the cellar, minimun two nights stay.

A Medieval Abbey
guardian of the winemaking tradition


History, Territory, respect for Nature

in the heart of Sicily

Witness of the past and guardian of history, Abbazia Santa Anastasia weaves the threads of a story with the winemaking tradition of this territory as its protagonist. Restoring the ancient medieval ruins and reviving the painstaking work done by Benedictine monks in the production of wine, today Abbazia Santa Anastasia represents a point of reference for all lovers of natural and biodynamic wines. Immersed in the heart of Sicily, quality and sustainability, in respect of the natural setting, combine with the art of hospitality to offer you an all-encompassing experience.

Cosy and elegant Rooms & Suites

The restoration: from an ancient stone trough to an exclusive residence

Abbazia Santa Anastasia is a charming wine resort nestled in the Madonie Park which, within the spaces created from the main building and the former stone trough, houses welcoming and elegant rooms and suites. Each room represents the charm of history and welcomes guests ensuring comfort and exclusivity. Furnished with classic taste and handcrafted solid wood furniture, they conceal different views with the quiet of a reconciling atmosphere.

Relaxation and refreshment by the pool

Jacuzzi on the panoramic terrace

On the panoramic terrace set between the blue of the sky and the sea, the swimming pool with whirlpool offers moments of amazing relaxation. Surrounded by generous nature, it is the ideal corner to let yourself be pampered by the sun's rays comfortably in the solarium area caressed by the coolness of the pool. Satisfying cocktails and delicious dishes, prepared with seasonal ingredients, seal moments of pure enjoyment.

First of all, respect for nature

in the heart of Sicily

Respect for Nature is the true cornerstone of the Abbazia Santa Anastasia’s philosophy. A history which aims at the establishment of an entirely eco-sustainable private reserve. Respect for Nature reflects in the spaces of the charming wine Resort in the care of everything that surrounds this hidden corner nestled in the heart of the Madonie Park. Every aspect makes Abbazia Santa Anastasia a true Eco-resort.

A real Organic Farm

Abbazia Santa Anastasia is a farm entirely dedicated to organic farming

Enveloped by the charm of the romantic villages of the Madonie mountains and immersed in the most authentic Sicilian nature, the company is characterized by a culture that enhances native species and promotes winemaking development, always favouring the protection of the environment.

The gardens are an opportunity for guests to get back in touch with Nature and, during the cooking classes, to be able to select and collect raw materials guided by Chef Alessandro Battaglia.

Among the locally produced excellences, in addition to wine and vegetables, also the olive oil stands out: a true golden nectar capable of enhancing any dish. The olive and grape harvests represent not only topical moments, but real experiences that involve guests in the name of wine tourism.

In a park of over 450 hectares

Abbazia Santa Anastasia is the first facility to be located within the protected natural area of the Madonie Park

The natural paths branch off into the immense 450-hectare park where hills, woods and vineyards trace the perimeter of a vacation that aims at the total immersion into the most hidden Sicily.

The private park is a guarantee of total security and privacy for guests who can venture out on long excursions plunged in nature, on foot, by bike or riding the thrill of breathing freedom. With Abbazia Santa Anastasia you will experience the countryside, the territory and rural activities.

Packages & Special Offers

Holidays and special days, Sunday lunch in the Abbey, weekend on the Madonie mountains and many more exclusive offers and packages that Abbazia Santa Anastasia reserves to who books directly from the website. To live a unique experience in our Charming Wine Resort in Castelbuono.


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