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The Medieval Villages


On the Madonie mountains some of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Petralia Sottana, Petralia Soprana, Polizzi Generosa, Gangi, Geraci Siculo

Abbazia Santa Anastasia, historically the cultural and economic forge of the Madonie mountains, is located in the heart of one of the most secret areas of Sicily. The Madonie region extends between the cities of Scillato and Castelbuono, from Pollina to the Imera rivers, which descend to the coast of Cefalù.

The Madonie Natural Park, part of the European Geopark network to which more than twenty geological parks all over the world adhere, includes 15 municipalities in the province of Palermo. Among these are worth mentioning the villages of Petralia Sottana, Petralia Soprana, Polizzi Generosa, Gangi, Geraci Siculo. These urban jewels raise towards the sky, steeped in history and tradition and fascinating beauty. For those who love tranquillity and romantic views these villages exert a remarkable charisma.

What to do and see in the Madonie mountains

trekking, horseback riding, tasting of typical products

The generous nature, to be admired from the viewpoints of the medieval villages, offers unique views. Looking out from the ramparts reaching into infinity, the eye captures the beauty of the Sicilian hinterland, reaches the summit of Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands with a glance. From an architectural and urbanistic point of view, the Middle Ages and the Bourbon period have bestowed this territory large ecclesiastical and military buildings.

Ample space is reserved to the culinary traditions of the past and the products that have marked its history, besides the manna from Castelbuono think of the hazelnuts from Polizzi or the oil from Petralia Sottana. From autumn to winter you can discover the genuine flavours of ancient Sicily among the mountain markets and the countryside. The harsh winter climate of the Madonie mountains whitens the ridge offering a very suggestive landscape. For lovers of winter sports Piano Battaglia is a destination for skiers. The extraordinary landscapes that smell of Mediterranean scrub are ideal for those who love trekking, or horse riding along natural paths. Travelers in search of the warmth of the Sicilian sun and fascinating heights, can dive into the beauty of the village of Cefalù and its sea, and visit Pizzo Carbonara, the highest Sicilian mountain after Mount Etna.

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