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Wine and Nature

The wines of Abbazia Santa Anastasia are born from the ancestral harmony between man and nature

In the wake of a historical and oenological tradition with roots in the Middle Ages, thanks to the painstaking work of the Benedictine Monks, the wines produced in Abbazia Santa Anastasia are the perfect synthesis of the ancestral harmony between man and nature. A tradition aimed at total respect for nature and the environment under the aegis of eco-sustainability.
Expression of a unique and exclusive ecosystem, each label tells the identity of the grape, enhancing the characteristics of the terroir in its own organoleptic nuances.

Natural organic wines

The nature around Abbazia Santa Anastasia offers unique pedoclimatic conditions that give the wines finesse and elegance, and everything that the vineyard needs.

For over a decade, the natural characteristics of each grape variety grown here have been supported by the use of biological techniques and biodynamic technologies, aiming at the use of materials present in nature to fertilize the land and the observation of lunar cycles to mark the various stages of cultivation. Thanks to the respect of a rigorous disciplinary, Abbazia Santa Anastasia has received the prestigious Demeter International certification.


A winery
in the heart of the Madonie

The art of winemaking between past and future

The most modern winemaking techniques look to the past to respect nature and tradition in the present.
The barriques and large French oak barrels intended for aging great wines coexist with concrete and steel tanks for the production of prestigious labels. The materials used for the construction of the cellar are exclusively of natural origin, in harmony with the philosophy that animates the Wine Resort.

Demeter organic

The history of the wines of Abbazia Santa Anastasia is written by nature and by a system in which organic farming techniques and biodynamic doctrine coexist.
Thanks to the wise foresight of the pioneers of world oenology such as Giacomo Tachis and Riccardo Cotarella, and to the meticulous commitment carried out without any support of chemical products, today Abbazia Santa Anastasia boasts the important Demeter International certification, i.e. the quality mark that guarantees products grown according to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, pioneer of this doctrine.

The Terroir

The best interpretation of Terroir is perceptible in wines produced naturally in the Abbey. The concept of Terroir originates from the dialogue between land, microclimate and human action.
In Abbazia Santa Anastasia this combination gives every sip the specificity of the grape variety grown in this area.

The wines

of Abbazia Santa Anastasia

The elegance of nature in favouring the characteristics of each single vine, transmits in every sip of wine produced in the cellars of Abbazia Santa Anastasia the power of the terroir and the charm of a land where the wine tradition has its roots in the wisdom of the past.
The different grape varieties are processed in the modern cellar in full respect of the ecosystem. Abbazia presents five collections, each a synthesis of the harmony between man and nature, and the Crus that have made the history of this company such as Montenero and Litra.

Tasting courses

Wine is the discovery of the roots of a territory, joy and sharing. In order to grasp its essence in its entirety, Abbazia Santa Anastasia offers guests the opportunity to explore the vineyards, visit the cellar and taste the wines.

For wine lovers and visitors wishing to learn more complete notions and techniques, the qualified staff will organize, upon request, tasting courses for a more thorough approach to the fascinating, many and varied world of wine.

Let’s protect the bees

In Abbazia every element enters in synergy with the environment and in harmony with the surroundings and Nature. Like the Black Sicilian Bee, welcome guest among the guests.

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