Staying in Abbazia Santa Anastasia in style
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Only for direct bookings from the website, a complimentary bottle of wine in the room and a guided tour of the cellar.


Charming Wine Resort
in an ancient Abbey in Sicily

The Madonie mountains’ magic atmosphere amidst Nature, Cuisine, Emotions and Relaxation

A casket in the heart of the Madonie Park, Abbazia Santa Anastasia is a Relais wrapped by a charming Nature and the fascination of a medieval past. In the magic atmosphere of this timeless glimpse, the enchanting surroundings narrate the enological tradition passed on by the monks and interpreted today in a modern key in full respect of the rhythms of nature.

In an intimate and romantic frame, the charm of history intertwines with the magnificence of the landscape, in a location where it is possible to savour instants of peace and have oneself be cuddled with comfort.

A Village amongst villages where to combine a relaxing walk to discover nature with an exclusive food and wine experience. Plunge into this unique atmosphere within and around the Relais, to rediscover well-being and reunite with yourself.

Packages & Special Offers

Holidays and special days, Sunday lunch in the Abbey, weekend on the Madonie mountains and many more exclusive offers and packages that Abbazia Santa Anastasia reserves to who books directly from the website. To live a unique experience in our Charming Wine Resort in Castelbuono.

Organic Agriculture

Demeter certification

With a strong emotional and aesthetic impact, in harmony with the dreamlike and rural environment, Abbazia Santa Anastasia cultivates its lands in respect of nature by adopting organic farming methods, and also carefully observing the lunar and planetary cycles.

Techniques that have made it possible to achieve high quality standards of the products and to harmonize the various stages of production, so as to obtain the prestigious and rigorous Demeter certification.


Ecological Sustainability

Abbazia Naturally

Abbazia Santa Anastasia is a Charming Wine Resort strongly oriented towards ecological sustainability.

The installation of a photovoltaic system of 750 square meters of silicon panels covers 80% of the company's energy needs; the water used in the work processes in the cellar, are reused to irrigate the crops. Furthermore, a reduced use of plastic and the installation of charging stations for electric cars contribute to this green soul.

An ancient abbey
today Charming Wine Resort

Founded by Roger d’Hauteville, in the 12th century

Fascination and History

surrounded by a seductive landscape

The distant fascination of the Middle Ages re-echoes in this unique context, where the wisely restored walls of the ancient Benedictine site, have brought to light the timeless charm of a fantastic place surrounded by Nature.

The vineyards and the rural landscape envelop Abbazia Santa Anastasia in a poetic magic where the rhythm of Nature marks the hours for total well-being; here you will be immersed and protected in the secluded setting of the Madonie mountains.

An authentic Wine Resort on the Madonie mountains

in Sicily

In a suggestive setting of a territory designed by vineyards, Abbazia Santa Anastasia is a Wine Resort steeped in natural beauty.

Where once the Benedictine monks spent their days in perfect harmony with nature, today it is possible to enjoy the experience of savouring traditional cuisine revisited in a gourmet key and combine it with tastings of wines locally produced and visits to the Cellar.

The Restaurants

The Abbot’s Court & Passions and Temptations

Taking care of the raw materials and using products from the Abbey's garden, the kitchen of La Corte dell’Abate offers a gourmet menu which are given life through research and exaltation of Sicilian flavours.

In summer, “Passioni e Tentazioni” is the perfect combination of authenticity and tradition. The restaurant, adjacent to the exclusive pool area, is the ideal solution for those who want a simpler approach, yet not waiving the taste of the typical traditional cuisine

The Terroir
Wines created in respect of Nature

In the wake of the Sicilian winemaking tradition, and thanks to the teachings of the world’s best oenologists, the wines produced at Abbazia Santa Anastasia are pervaded by the pure exaltation of the terroir.
vini Abbazia Santa Anastasia

Our Wines

winners of prestigious awards

Each sip expresses the essence of every single vine and the love for what Nature creates.

Winners of prestigious international awards, the wines of Abbazia Santa Anastasia are the result of the combination of organic techniques and biodynamic philosophy.
  • Castelbuono

    Fra boschi di frassino e castagno ed edifici testimoni di un affascinante passato sorge il borgo di Castelbuono, alle pendici del Colle Milocca, raggiungibile a meno di venti minuti di auto dal Abbazia Santa Anastasia.

  • Cefalù

    Cefalù fra cultura e il suo mitico mare è a pochi km da Abbazia Santa Anastasia. Crocevia di civiltà, dai greci ai romani passando per gli arabi e i normanni, si sviluppa intorno al Duomo di normanna memoria.

  • Borghi Medievali

    Pittoreschi scorci incastonati nella natura siciliana. I borghi medievali sulle Madonie sono piccoli scrigni di tesori, tra le cui vie il tempo sembra essersi fermato. Petralia Sottana, Petralia Soprana, Polizzi Generosa, Gangi...

  • Osservatorio astronomico

    Sognare sotto il cielo delle Madonie con gli occhi pieni di magia è possibile al Centro Internazionale per le Scienze Astronomiche Gal Hassin. Situato a Isnello, nel verdeggiante cuore delle Madonie

  • Grotte del sale

    Dalla terra opere d’arte prendono forma dal sale. A Petralia Soprana, borgo fra i più belli d’Italia sulle Madonie, è possibile visitare un luogo ricco di fascino nelle viscere della terra.

  • Teatro Petra Rosa

    Palcoscenico di suggestive sensazioni, il Teatro Pietra Rosa, a Pollina, deve il suo nome al colore della pietra utilizzata e della montagna sulla quale sorge il borgo.

  • Gole di Tiberio

    Sito Geopark riconosciuto dall’Unesco, le gole di Tiberio rappresentano il voto di una Sicilia incontaminata dove si svela la magnificenza del Parco delle Madonie.

  • Sentieri della Manna

    Resina naturale dal sapore zuccherino ricavato dal tronco dei frassini, la manna era conosciuta già all’epoca dei Greci e dei Romani che la definivano ″miele di rugiada”.


Celebrate your wedding in the Abbey

In a space suspended in time, pervaded by romantic naturalistic views, Abbazia Santa Anastasia is the perfect location to celebrate weddings and symbolic rites.


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