The Madonie Mountains

  • Nature and culture

    Driving near Polizzi Generosa and Caltavuturo, there are a series of tall rocky peaks, covered by snow from the end of December to mid-March. It is the tallest part of the Madonie mountain range.

    A majestic spectacle! Many of the towns in the Madonie area were founded under Saracen rule in the eleventh century and later grew into larger settlements under the Normans.

    Today the Madonie area stretches between the towns of Scillato and Castelbuono, from Pollina to the Imera rivers that run down to the coast of Cefalù.

    Eagles and falcons fly above our heads. Porcupines, foxes, hares, deer and many birds of prey live in this mountain range. The native plant species include the fir of the Nebrodi, which is protected by the LIFE Nature project, and the manna ash.